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2003 Montego Bay, Jamaica Vacation

Some Basics

When: Friday, November 14, 2002 - Saturday, November 22, 2002
Where: Sunset Beach Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica
How: Fly - US Airways

Links to some of the Sites

Sunset Beach Resort and Spa
Horseback Riding
Montego Bay Shoreline
Undersea Reef

Some Observations and Comments

  • The weather was nice, with the temperatures in the 80's. There were a couple of showers and most days it was quite breezy.
  • The hotel was all inclusive. Air fair, room, meals and drinks were included and tipping was forbidden.
  • The hotel lobby was open with just a roof over most of it.
  • I spent most of my time reading and relaxing by the pool. Every other day, I worked out for a couple of hours in the health club.
  • There were lots of excursions that I could have gone on, but I only went a horseback riding trip and an undersea sightseeing and snorkeling trip.
  • The hotel was mostly filled with couples and families with kids.
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