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Personal Information

Vital Stats

Sex:  Male Photograph of Alan
Hair:  Dark Brown (with a touch of gray)
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  5' 8" (175 cm)
Weight:  200 lb (91 kg)
Age:  Older than I might like to be, but definitely still young at heart.
Status:  Single, but looking for the right woman.
Homes:  My Current Home!
Vehicles:  My Vehicles!
Photos:  The Many Faces of Alan!


Live:  Columbus, Ohio.
Work:  Technical Consultant doing web application development.
College:  Not attending.
Hobbies:  Dancing (Ballroom, Hustle, Swing), Reading, Running, Weight Lifting, Computer Programming.

In the past

Born:  Bangor, Maine. (Which, of course, makes me a maniac.)
Lived:  Maine, Florida, Mississippi, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio.
High School:  Bacon Academy, Colchester, Connecticut.
Business School:  Certificate in Accounting from Morse School of Business, Hartford, Connecticut.
Technical School:  Certificate in Machine Theory and Practice from Hartford Technical Institute, Hartford, Connecticut.
College:  BA in Computer Science from Towson State University. (Graduated Summa Cum Laude in the Spring of 1995.) Most recently attended George Mason University.
Work:  Computer Programmer/Analyst (IBM mainframe, PC, Web and some Unix), Cost and Sales Accountant, Bookkeeper, and Grocery Clerk and Manager.
Hobbies:  Theater (Attending, Backstage, On-stage), Travel (Mexico, Caribbean, Europe), Hiking, Logic Puzzles.
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